This place is really cool. You can get all kinds of weather information from one location. Once you click on the NWS Weather link you will be taken to the National Weather Service page that looks similar to the following representation. (We have also added an alternative weather link in case the NWS site is down or has too much traffic.)

U.S. National Weather Service

Each of the image maps are linked to weather information about a particular area. There is live satellite information, heat information, precipitation and, most importantly, links to Active and Special Warnings. For instance. if you wanted to find any warnings in effect in Florida, you would click on the US map in the center on the bottom (the one with the states identified) and the following full-size map comes up so you can narrow your choice.

Now you can click anywhere on the map to see what warnings are in effect. We note that Florida has some active special warnings. To find out what they are, and to find further information on Florida weather, just click in the area that represents the State. You will then be transferred to the State specific information as represented below.

Now you can click anywhere on the Florida map to get local information or use the buttons on the right side for additional weather information. On this particular day, July 2, 1998, there was a special warning caused by the intense fire problems in the northern part of the State. Over 140 miles of I-95 was closed and more than 25,000 people were evacuated from their homes. Marine advisories, such as small-craft advisories, will be listed under "Warnings and Advisories".

Okay, now you have the general weather but what about marine observations in the area in which you are going to be operating? You now turn to the National Weather Service Marine Observations page to find out about specific marine weather forecasts: How to use NWS Marine Observations

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