Sample Float Plan

Name of vessel's operator:  
Telephone Number:  
Name of Vessel:  
Registration No.:  
Description of Vessel:

Color of Hull:
Color of Trim:

Most distinguishing identifiable feature:



Rafts/Dinghies: Number:________ Size:_______ Color:_______
Radio: Type: __________________ Frequencies Monitored: _______________
Number of persons onboard:
Name: Age: Address & Telephone:
Note: List additional passengers on back.
Engine Type:___________ H.P.:_______ Normal Fuel Supply (days):_______
Survival equipment on board: (check as appropriate)
Life Jackets Flares Smoke Signals
Medical Kit EPIRB Paddles
Anchor Loran/Gps _________________
Food for ________ days - Water for ________ days
Date & Time of Departure:  
Departure From:  
Departure To:  
Expected to arrive by:____________ In no case later than:_____________
Additional information:


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