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Hurricane Tips From a Liveaboard

Our friend John has some disagreements with our hurricane checklist. His position is that "I must stay aboard, I live here." He has some additional procedures for riding out a hurricane as a liveaboard. We felt it was worth sharing his experiences as well. ....Capt. Matt

Here 'hurricanes' are called typhoons. What ever they are, I always am very apprehensive when they are on their way. Below is a list of precautions I have learned over 30 years of boating.

All this assumes that your mooring is in a good location, protected from wave action and, as much as possible, from the wind. AVOID high hills and mountains within the immediate proximity of the mooring area, they cause mini cyclones locally that are often worse than the typhoon.

Have a friend ashore, if you wish, to check in with at intervals; that friend knowing before hand what to do in an emergency.

DO NOT rely on Insurance companies or the authorities to get you out of the jam that you are in. Be self-reliant, that is the principal behind 'messing around in boats' in whatever manner one chooses, and should be born in mind at all times.

I disagree with your advice on:

1. Not staying with the boat.

2. Removing radios and papers.

I prefer to put papers in a secure, waterproof container, that can be taken easily IF abandoning ship should arise. So far for me, this has never been necessary, but it is a possibility that should be taken into consideration and be prepared for BEFORE HAND.
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